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2018-05-28 11:41:43 Writen By: Leonne James

How to apply Scanstrip to a shelf

The biggest mistake made when applying Scanstrip is insufficient preparation of the shelf. If the shelf is not cleaned properly, the shelf strip WILL FALL OFF


It is as simple as that. If Scanstrip falls off a shelf, it is not faulty shelf strip….it is usually poor shelf preparation. Before applying scanstrip, the shelf MUST BE CLEANED PROPERLY by removing any adhesive debris from previous Scanstrip, any sticky tape, stuck paper or foam tape residue. Once all debris has been removed, wipe the shelf edge with White Spirit to remove any stickiness or oiliness from fingers or adhesives. Leave the shelf to dry for 5-10 minutes while you have a cup of coffee. Once you are satisfied that the shelf edge is smooth, clean and free of all residues, you can begin the application of the Scanstrip.

Firstly, measure the Scanstrip to see if any trimming is required. It is much better to trim any excess before the Scanstrip is stuck on the shelf. Trimming can be done with a sharp craft knife or a pair of kitchen shears. Scanstrip is quite soft and easy to cut. Make sure there are no burred edges for staff to cut fingers on.

Do not take all the backing tape off at once. Remove a small portion and start adhering the strip to the shelf, making sure that there is an overhang of at least 5mm below the bottom edge of the shelf. It does not matter if the Scanstrip is not flush with the top of the shelf. Work along the shelf, butting each piece up against the end of the previous piece of Scanstrip until the end is reached.  Use Finger pressure along the Scanstrip in front of the adhesive area to make sure it is stuck on properly. Take a bunched up soft cloth and run along the strip adding pressure to help it adhere.

LEAVE THE SCANSTRIP ALONE OVERNIGHT or at least for several hours to allow the adhesive to cure. If you start pulling at it or putting tickets in it, you are interfering with the adhesive curing process.

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