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About Us

Posm Solutions is the new face of P.O.S.M. (Point of Sale Material) Pty. Ltd., that was set up in 1985 and has been serving the innovation and display needs of retailers since then.The company name was changed in 2013 to reflect the expansion of product range from, almost exclusively point of sale products, to a broader range encompassing other non p.o.s. retail products and services. The core Point of Sale product range is still available but new things such as mould control solutions, retail expansion advice and project management services have been added.This allows us to provide a more comprehensive service to our clients.

Posm Solutions provides solutions for several key market areas; Solutions for Fresh Food Display, Solutions for Branding and Merchandising, Solutions for Shelf Display and Category Management, both in dry goods and refrigerated areas as well as the new addition of outdoor flags and bunting.

A major part of Posm Solutions is custom work, including custom cardboard manufacture. Although we try to source as much product as possible within Australia, we also have excellent facilities in Asia for when overseas supply is the best option.

As POSM Solution has won the Caltex All Stars Best Service and Equipment Supplier of the Year 2013/14 and 2015/16, we are well experienced to offer display and merchandising solutions for your busienss too.

We look forward to assisting with quality products and services to improve the presentationand profitability of your business.